We are changing our name! Read “Our Story” to find out more. We will be moving from Nuud Foods to Sher Produce! Read why and what our consumers love!!

Our Story

Sher Produce. “What does Eat Good. Do Good. Feel Good. Mean?

Simply put, one of our Founders is Named Sherri and all of you who eat our Squares “Sher” passionately how good they are with all of your friends and family. We love that, and want to honour the idea of “Sharing”.

“Sher”ing is one of our missions. Over the last few years we've worked to 'Sher' by helping the local food bank feed underprivileged, undernourished people in our very own community. 



From the people who eat our “Sher Squares” every day and tell us they LOVE them, we've learned:

  1. You LOVE the taste and nutrition density that our products provide. However, they want to buy the product “Fresh” and as close to the blended date as possible.
  1. Sher Squares help you and your families in “healthier eating”.
Our little Company has many USA consumers ordering our Sher Squares online as well as Retailers who want to carry our Sher Squares and we will not be able to use the name Nuud in the USA.

    With that in mind, we are pleased to present to you Sher Produce.


    “Sher Produce”, is committed to Fresh Fruits and Vegetables that offer more available and balanced nutrition then you will get from just eating the fruits and vegetables in our squares on their own.

    Our patent pending blending process produces great tasting products sold fresh in the produce section.

    We have gone to great lengths to ensure NO additives or preservatives are in Sher Squares so once the package is opened it needs to be enjoyed immediately or put in the fridge at home like you would other fruits and vegetables.

    We are excited to finally be “Sher”ing this with you and look forward to keeping our conversation going.

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